Parking at City Hall

The garage at 101 S. Center St. is now open.  So when you visit City Hall, you can park in that garage in the public spaces.  There are three entrances: on Mesquite, Main, and Center Streets.  The ground level lot on the west side of City Hall still has visitor spaces available, too.  So if you dislike having to cross Center Street to get to the library or to City Hall, you may be able to find a space there.


  1. The garage is convenient and easy to get in and out of in a car.
    The pedestrian route is, well, not there. It’s an afterthought how to get to through the garage to the crossing point to the Library/City Hall.

    The street crossing itself is well done and many people stop. However if you can’t see all 3 lanes what’s coming, so cross with care. If one car stops it doesn’t mean the drivers in the other 2 lanes will stop.

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