Liv+, New Student Housing Facility Opens in HANA

After seven years and two false starts the area bounded by Mitchell St., Center St., Hosack St., and Mesquite St. now contains a new, large student housing complex which will accept its first occupants this month (August, 2018).  HANA board members were first approached by potential developers in 2011.  Thanks to provisions of our Neighborhood Action Plan HANA is consulted early in the development of many real estate projects within our boundaries and on our periphery.  We spent many hours in meetings with developers and reviewing their plans.  And in this case we made a number of recommendations that were accepted.

The old apartment buildings that originally occupied the site were demolished early in the process, but then two successive teams of developers failed to find financing, and the property stood vacant for several years.  Finally, about two years ago Stark Enterprises acquired the property, and they have brought it to successful fruition.  They have told us they plan to maintain ownership of the property instead of leasing it and then selling it, as many real estate developers do.  We hope they adhere to this plan and look forward to their having a positive impact on HANA and Arlington.

For more information on the facility, see their web site.

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