HANA Zoning Proposals

There are several proposed real estate developments that the HANA board has looked at recently. Some are within HANA’s boundaries; some are outside our boundaries but within our area of interest, i.e., near enough to have a potential impact on HANA. They are in varying stages of planning and approval.

The owner of the lot at 800 E. Park Row wants to change its zoning to permit the construction of a duplex. Current zoning allows only a single family house. The HANA board has examined the proposal and sees no reason to object, although we have expressed wishes for a structure that will be attractive from both Park Row and Meadow Lane.

We have also been briefed on two other projects near our boundaries although not within them.

At 710 Benge St. a developer proposes to build seventeen townhomes which will be primarily for student housing. We believe this to be a reasonable use of the land.  This project has now been approved by the City.

In downtown on two blocks between Abram and Border Streets and between Mesquite and Elm Streets a developer is planning a new mixed-use development, “Park Place”, that is targeted at both students and young professionals. The ground floor will be devoted to commercial space, shops, and restaurants. Plans are incomplete, but a number of attractive features are being suggested.  The construction fence around the block south of South Street is an indication that work is beginning.  The developer has obtained a demolition permit for the structures on that block.

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