HANA Members Can Add Posts and Comments

At its meeting on November 8, 2018 the HANA Board of Directors approved the following policy permitting HANA members to log onto this web site and add posts or comment on posts.

Policy on providing HANA members access to hanatx.org

  1. A member in good standing (dues paid) may request a logon to hanatx.org.
  2. A member making such a request will be granted a user logon at the contributor level.
  3. The logon will be maintained through the membership year and can be renewed by paying dues for the following year.
  4. There will be a grace period at the beginning of the year until the first quarterly meeting.
  5. Any member with a hanatx,org logon who has not paid his dues by the end of the first quarterly meeting will lose his ability to create and edit posts on the site. The privilege will be restored when his dues are paid.
  6. A member who posts material that in the opinion of the board is inappropriate to civil discussion will lose his privilege. Posts may not be used to promote a member’s personal business or advocate for political or religious positions other than HANA’s normal advocacy for matters affecting the well being of our neighborhoods.

To request a logon, send an e-mail message to hana@hanadev.org providing us with your requested logon ID.  If the logon ID you request has not been assigned to another user, it will be assigned to you.  You will be notified by e-mail when it becomes active or if it is not available.

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