HANA’s position on STRs (short term rentals)

HANA does not support a blanket ban on STRs in Arlington.

We acknowledge that all rental situations can present problems. We believe the majority of these problems and potential problems can be resolved with reasonable regulations and policies and dutiful enforcement. We have STR hosts who are long time neighbors. They depend on the income generated to be able to stay in their homes and maintain them. If they leave, neighborhood cohesion will suffer.

HANA supports “aging in place” and in some cases loss of the ability to rent a room or portion of one’s home (whether short or longer term) can be the difference between keeping one’s home or having to sell and move. Also, in some cases, operating an STR is a means for younger persons to gain access to owning their own home for the first time. Therefore, we see the STR issue in a larger context concerning property rights, neighborhood cohesion and support for people of limited means both young and old becoming and staying valued neighbors.

In conclusion, whether Long Term, Short Term or Medium Term (by the semester) rentals, all of these rental situations require carefully crafted and fair regulations that protect both the property rights of owners as well as the livability of our neighborhoods.